Mundon Furze -














Dedicated in 1990 to the village in the care of Mundon Parish Council.



Victory Hall -













Run by Mundon Victory Hall Management Committee

Available for private hire.

Bookings - Marita Ponting 01621 928719

More detail on the hall and its use can be found under the dedicated 'Village Hall' tab on the top menu bar.

St Mary's Church Mundon -












Mundon church is classified by the Church Commission as a redundant church and here have been no regular services since the 1950s.

Its care is the responsibility of The Friends of Friendless Churches. 


The White Horse Pub -


Mundon's village pub selling food and drinks, located on the main road through Mundon village. It has a car park to the right hand side.

Mundon village has a bus-stop and postbox in the village centre, with a bus shelter for those waiting for a Northbound bus, and sturdy bench for Southbound. More information on public transport can be found on the dedicated 'Public Transport' tab on the top menu bar.

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