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Victory Hall (Village Hall)

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The land on which the original and the new Victory Hall stands was donated by the Rowsell family for the benefit of the village. The new Victory Hall was erected in 1993, thanks to the tremendous efforts of the Management Committee under the direction of the late Chairman Peter Newton and Vice Chairman the late Bert Binder.  The Committee is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the hall and is run by a Management Committee that is elected at the AGM held in May (unless it is an election year) each year, to which all residents are invited.


For bookings and enquiries please contact: Marita Ponting 01621 928719


Hire charges (at time of print): £8 per hour for Mundon residents and regular users £15 per hour for all others.

Regular classes and clubs using the Victory Hall

Aly Stringer Yoga:

Friday 8:30 – 10:30am (2 classes) weekly                                               

Alyson Stringer   07493348248

Blackwater Flower Arrangement:

1st Tuesday of each month 7:30pm

Shirley Macro   01621 854856

Dawn Payne Academy of Dance:

Friday 3:30 - 8pm weekly                                                  

Ballet, tap and modern dance for children from two and a half years and above               

Dawn Payne   07541229828

Essex Tai Chi Academy:

Monday 9:30 - 12, Wed/Thus 7:30 – 9:30pm, Fri 11:30 - 1pm weekly

Judy Lee-Fenton   07966052861

Mundon Women’s Institute:

2nd Tuesday of each month 7:30pm

Joy Rogers   01621 741223

Phoenix Exercise Group: (Tai Chi practise sessions)

Tuesday and Thursday 10 - 12pm weekly

Tai Chi practise sessions.

Mr F Boyd

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